"Miami in Motion"
a Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
Leadership Team

Presents a Charity Event to Benefit
ARC of South Florida, Inc.




The event will feature a silent art auction of thirty-seven wonderful 8" x 10" art pieces created by children at Schnebly's Redlands Winery, along with sports memorabilia and other donated items. The event will also feature music, two open bars and appetizers. There is a suggested $25 per person donation. For tickets, call Cathy Alexander at 305-441-5643.


Please RSVP Lourdes Castaneda-Jacobs at 954-600-0471 or
via email at

Date: Thursday, February 24, 2011
Time: 6 to 9 pm.
Location: Gallery
CocoWalk, 3015 Grand Ave. Suites 236 & 237


Participating Artist & age by row, from left to right.
All works are 8" x 10", Acrylic on Canvas.

Row 1: (a)Familia by Jacob Gomez, 4; (b)Lollipop by Valentina Ixchu, 5; (c)A Thousand Colorful Bulls Running By by Juan Pablo Santana, 8; (d)Splat by Brian Cartagena, 14; (e)Untitled by Andres Villalobos, 4.

Row 2: (a)Zoo with a Heart by Valerie, 4; (b)Raining Over a House by Emmanuel Ixchu, 7; (c)Treasure Chest by Mason, 4; (d)Untitled by Lorena Bonilla, 6; (e)Sun & House by Joseph Watts, 8.

Row 3: (a)At Home with Dad & Mom by Joshua Gomez, 6; (b)Mom & Dad by Maria Villalobos, 3; (c)Dotted Clown by Syrus Dawkins, 9; (d)Untitled by Savanah McCarthy, 7; (e)Untitled by Benjamin Grace, 2.

Row 4: (a)A Wild Panther by Jennie Moran-Bonilla, 10; (b)Untitled by Damian Collazo, 6; (c)Untitled by Winston, Parent; (d)Untitled by Sebastian Grace, 4; (e)A Flying Dragon by Omar Areola, 5.

Row 5: (a)The Sky by Bianca Quintero, 3; (b)The Ocean and a Red Fish by Evelyn Rocha, 5; (c)My Dreams by Jazmine Molina, 3; (d)Waves by Manuel Ramirez, ?; (e)My Garden by Zachary Sanabria, 3.

Row 6: (a)Sailboat by Jean Beltran, 9; (b)Untitled by Anthony Cerda, 2; (c)Santa Claus by Anthony Leon, 5; (d)Dirt & Flowers by Tiffany Watts, 6; (e)Untitled by Dylan Resnick, 2; (f)Rainbow & Raindrops by Milena Bonilla, 9;

Row 7: (a)Untitled by Myles Shirk, 2; (b)Fire Truck by Nicolas Macia, 6; (c)Rainbow by Jeanibelle Beltran, 6; (d)Untitled by Anthony Macia, 9; (e)A Bird & Palm Trees by Valentina Martina, 8; (f)House with a Bird by Valentina Santana, 6.

This piece, entitled:
"The World is a Playground"
was a collaboration of all the participating children, parents, teachers and volunteers.

This piece will be auctioned during the evening. It is an acrylic on canvas, 36" x 48".

Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC), South Florida is a local chapter of The Arc, one of the largest volunteer organizations in the U.S. Founded in 1953 by a group of concerned parents, Arc, South Florida serves the over 60,000 Miami-Dade County citizens with developmental disabilities. Though still governed by volunteers through the Board of Directors, Arc, South Florida has grown into a major community agency, providing a variety of programs and services that affect hundreds of participants each and every day.

Arc’s two-fold purpose is to ensure the rights of all persons with developmental disabilities through ongoing advocacy, and to provide specialized programs and services to help individuals lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. Its ultimate goal is to help these individuals attain an improved quality of life by providing opportunities that will allow them to not only live and work independently, but ultimately to make a real contribution to their communities. At the same time, Arc works to reduce the incidence of mental retardation and to limit its consequences by creating programs that promote advocacy, education, research and community support.


This piece, entitled:
"Guajiro Rubio"
was a collaboration of all the participating children who painted the background, and then I searched and found images in that background which I brought forth, as I do with my Elements & Values series.

This piece will be auctioned during the evening. It is an acrylic on canvas, 20" x 20".