Pepa was born in 1960 in Barcelona, Spain. Daughter of artist Poch Romeu; it is popularly said that Pepa began to paint even before she began to read. In 1980, she completed her studies by obtaining her Masters at the School Ramón Folch, the same year in which she got a Pierre Cardín scholarship and obtained the the honorable Foundation Roviralta prize.

Enthusiastic to learn about the world and its cultures, in 1991 she moved to Guinea Conakry, Africa, where she learned the technique of using natural pigments on paper and canvas. Here she will learn and carry out her first sketches for murals she will eventually complete. The following year she would complete works on paper for D. World and will also begin production of murals and frescos for private collections in New York and in Barcelona. In 1992, she would participate in the collective exhibition in the Gallery Beascoa (Gothic Barcelona, Spain).

In 1999, another great change happens in her life upon moving her home to a ship at the port of Barcelona, Spain. Here she will deepen on themes of the sea, and will begin to develop the first canvases and sketches for her next exhibition in Paris. She is also named as one of the fifteen members of the "International Colour Authority" (ICA) in London, a private organization publishing forecasts about color trends for the coming seasons to be used by industry designers. From that moment on, the colors in her paintings were selected to coincide with the tendencies in the world of color. Her works are illustrated in catalogues, as well as covers of the magazine "Interiors."

Art the start of the new millennium she begins a full phase of successes filled with exhibitions and trips, emphasized by her solo exhibit in Espacio Future, in Born, Barcelona (Spain); the trip by ship to Greece and Sicily, where she completed "Cuadernos de viaje;" and the exhibition in Association Siurana, in Aix-en-Provence (France). Important to emphasize her stay in Havana, Cuba, where she prepares for and completes sketches for her next exhibition, "Realidad Mágica" (Magical Reality) in 2002 in Lanzarote, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Holy Cross of Tenerife, Seattle and New York. In 2003, she will travel to Venice where she prepares sketches for the exhibition "La Mar Salada" (The Salty Sea), which was presented the following year in Madrid (Spain), Cordoba (Spain), and Mikonos (Greece).

Is this then when she transfers her residence to Empordà, Girona (Spain) that she then begins her most prolific phase. In 2005, she exhibits in a solo show entitled "Oil on Canvas" in Cyprus Art, Sant Feliu of Boada, Girona (Spain), while at the same time she paints large format ceramics on "Chamamote," with Joan Raventós, creating the image for the NGO "Somos Uno." In 2008, she exhibits in "SURVIVORS" at the Diocesan Museum of Barcelona, at the Europe Museum Schengen of Luxembourg, at the CSV Cultural Center "The Incubator of Art or New York" in the Lower East Side, at the Instituto Cervantes in Chicago, and at the Museum of Fine Arts in Tenerife, receiving compliments by art critics and thousands of spectators

One of her last productions has been the series "De la Supervivéncia al Renacimiento 2009" presented at the Mercat Vell in the City of Sitges (Spain), and at the Museu dera Val d'Aran in Sant Joan d'Arties (Spain). Other exhibits to emphasize are: "Pepa Poch au Domaine de Capelongu" in Maison Edouard Loubet (France), and the exposition "Colors Evolutius" in the Fundació Àngel Planells, Blanes (Spain), and her participation in the "Post Human" project organized by the Reial Cercle Artístic as part of Art Basel Miami, 2009.

We can thus define Pepa Poch as global artist, creator of oil paintings, outlines, drawings, engravings, ceramics, carpets, perfumes, etc., presenting unlimited creations that seduce and captivate the spectator, and where the selection of colors and expressive media constitutes an exclusive personal of Pepa's art.